Yongwoon Shin, Breaking stereotypes | 1/1 original motion, 2024.

1/1 original motion
2160 × 3480 pixels
 "I want to go beyond the light bulb to the hole, but I can't because it's hot!"
 "Are you sure you can't go?”
 "Because the hot light bulb is blocking it!"
 The impossible experiences we go through create stereotypes for us. Maybe you're being led around by the inertia of your thoughts without even trying?
 "If you destroy stereotypes, the possibilities will open up!"
 -Bulb man 
 Breaking stereotypes is about Bulb man’s journey to a fun imaginary world beyond the hot light bulb. The stereotypes and inertia of thought that impossible experiences can create in us, and Bulb man‘s journey reminds us that the impossible can be replaced by the possible.

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