Yongwoon Shin | CGI Photographer
 Shin Yong-woon is a media artist who utilizes holes, fiction, and academically accumulated magical phenomena to visualize the possibilities within the impossible through objects that are considered trivial in our daily lives. As a former member of the South Korean national team in magic, he incorporates magical mechanisms and phenomena into digital works, creating works that resemble magic only imaginable through fantasy. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Magic Studies from Dong-A Health University, a Bachelor's degree in Media and Film Studies from Korea National Open University, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Cultural Convergence Technology Cooperative Program at Changwon National University. Based in Korea, he is deeply immersed in experimental convergent media art that combines culture, arts, and technology.
 His representative series, "FICTION: The Hole" series, began with exhibitions in major art museums and galleries in Gimhae, including Gimhae Cultural Foundation Yoon Seul Art Museum(Korea, 2023), West Gimhae Cultural Center(Korea, 2022), Changwon Cultural Foundation 3ㆍ15 Art Center(Korea, 2023), House of Gyeongnam Provincial Governer(Korea, 2023), Docent Gallery(Korea, 2023), Jinyoung Station Railway Museum(Korea, 2023) and Shin-A Art Center(Korea, 2023). Furthermore, his works have been showcased internationally through exhibitions such as Double Interface by Art Innovation in Italy (Seoul, 2023) and Floating Pixels in the United States (USA, 2023), continuing his diverse artistic activities both domestically and internationally.
Solo Exhibition
2023 Visual Artwork Exhibition <FICTION : The Hole> in Docent Gallery
2023 Visual Artwork Exhibition <FICTION : The Hole> in Shin-A Art Center
2023 Visual Artwork Exhibition <FICTION : The Hole> in Jin-Young Railway Museum
2022 Visual Artwork Exhibition <FICTION : The Hole> in West Gimhae Culture Center
2022 Magic Docent Exhibition <I'm possible> in West Gimhae Culture Center
2021 Visual Artwork Exhibition <I'm possible> (Online Exhibition)
Group Exhibition
2024 The Pixels Show Billboard Art Exhibition in New York
2023 Floating Pixels Digital Billboard Art Exhibition in Miami Beach
2023 Gimhae Young Artist Association Exhibition
2023 Gimhae Biennale Internationa Art Festival Exhibition
2023 Double Interface Vertical and Horizontal Digital Billboard Art Exhibition in Seoul
2023 BEGINING OF THE WORK | 6 Artist Exhibition in Docent Gallery
2023 My ground Exhibition in Docent Gallery
2023 Starfish Support Project in Visual Arts 'Meeting, after that'
           in Yunseul Museum of Art
2024 The Gaudi World Foundation NFT Art Award
GXD Extreme Studio CEO & Photographer
Certified Image Creator Profoto Academy
Certified PRO EDU & MAXON CGI For Photographers
KBS1 Broadcast 'Culture Sketch'
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