Yongwoon Shin, Origin of the hole, 2022.

 The hole in the reality in which we live is a existence that has more bad meaning than a good meaning. Maybe many people are looking at the hole with colored glasses from the beginning. Where this hole you look at begins will depend on what glasses your glasses are.

 In 'FICTION : The Hole', the Origin of the Hole is the same work as 'Prelude' at the beginning of the song. If we listened to a very short prelude of music, we would think of the music we know first among the numerous songs with similar first verse.

 "Why are our eyes, ears, words, and actions always guided by inertia?"

 A hole in the frame and bullets flying fast over it. Naturally, we are attracted to the inertia of a hole by a bullet.

 "What's wrong with the hole? How does it look like?"

 Through the above question, I hope it will be the beginning of imagining the work, 'FICTION : The Hole'.
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